the perfect mistake

Artists are often just that....artistic. They may have talents in more than one area of expertise, such as music, clothing, production...etc etc. Most recently Kanye West has produced his movie, Runaway, which I still havent brought myself to watch yet...I mean I get that he is a revolutionary in the music world and blah blah blah blah, but I just get the impression that its gonna be a 30 minute music video...and I'm not intrigued. But I'll get around to it.

Anyways, Erk the Jerk, (he sings the song 'I Just Wanna F*ck You Right Here') also has a history of producing. He has produced the last two videos for his "pre-album" EP. I really liked his short film out entitled "The Perfect Mistake."Although it's concept was similar to Drake's "Find your Love" video, I really like it. I'm no cinematography expert, but I like what I see. I mean, the talent lies in the fact that he produced it himself, which to me in pretty dope. I'm also loving his other video 'Anything'. Gotta love the diversity of girls in the vid. #teamdarkskin -_- haha just playin. But seriously, check out both videos!

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