adultery: a deal breaker?

This weekend I went on a Black Leadership Retreat with my school (pictures coming soon!) and we talked about a bunch of topics. One of the most interesting discussions I had this weekend had to do with adultery. Adultery is defined as  "voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband;" Here is where the debate lies, if you were in loving marriage for a substantial period of time (at least 5-10 years) and your partner committed adultery, would you immediately, or ultimately resort to divorce. Some of the people I talked to said divorce would be their primary option. And that adultery is really the only thing that can break the bond of marriage and make it OK to end it. I somewhat disagree, I believe that in this day and age, marriage isn't taken seriously. People don't know or don't realize that marriage is hard. And its supposed to be for life. And there are going to be bumps in the road. I do not, in anyway, condone adultery, or any type of physical or emotional abuse but I just feel like people resort to divorce too quickly. After your first divorce, your chances of having a successful marriage continues to dwindle, drastically. I just think that if you are happily married and your partner steps out on your marriage, you owe it to your marriage and to yourself to examine why whatever happened , happened. I would hope that I know the person I marry well enough to know that that person is going to stick with me through thick and thin. People change, but I would hope that the person I make my husband changes for the better as we grow old together. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but I just believe that there is no way to determine what life is going to throw at you and sometimes we aren't going to be prepared. People make mistakes, and I believe in forgiveness and second chances. I acknowledge the fact that it could take a long time to re-cooperate from your partner breaking your trust, but I dont think its impossible to rebuild that trust and even possibly make it become stronger. But who knows, you never really know how you will act, unless you are actually in that situation. What do you guys think, is adultery a deal breaker in a married relationship?


  1. doesnt it depend on who you are cheating with? i mean like what if he cheats on you with your sister?
    like would you continue the marriage with your husband but lose contact with with your family member?

  2. Thats a good scenario...I dnt have a sister, but I mean you cant divorce your sibling. It may take a lot of time to forgive her....and I mean A LOT of time, but i think forgiveness is better than carrying around hurt and pain you feel for someone. Obviously that relationship would be strained and possibly even destroyed...but maybe not forever. As far as the husband goes, it would b a question of a one time mistake or does he have feelings for my sibling. I still stand by what i said, but i also acknowledge that I dont know how I would really act, unless i was actually in that situation. But to answer your question head on, yes. Who you are cheating with can intensify the hurt and the pain caused by the act, so it can also depend on that.


    1. Have you ever wondered what could happen when
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