Three Things Everyone Knows About Black Men (That Totally Aren’t True)

I got this article from here. I know I do a lot of reposts but I just had to post this one. I felt it was honest and it actually made me L O L. =]
Here are some highlights of the article

Three Things Everyone Knows About Black Men (That Totally Aren’t True) 

1. a black man can’t possibly prefer to be with a black women if he thinks any white women are attractive—is definitely one of the three most prominent things everyone knows to be true about black men…that totally aren’t true at all.

"Despite what many seem to believe, a black man attracted to (or even dating) a white—or any other non-black—woman doesn’t automatically mean he’s not attracted to black women. In fact, it doesn’t even mean he prefers white women. Saying “I think Catherine Zeta-Jones is banging” doesn’t mean we don’t think Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Gabby Union, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Nicole Beharie, Esther Baxter, Res, Sharon Leal, Tamron Hall, Swin Cash, Rissi Palmer, and Aisha Tyler are even banginger (I know that’s not a word, but bare with me).
“I think some white women are extremely attractive” and “I’m completely enamored and in love with black women” aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, they’re the complete opposite of mutually exclusive, they’re, ummm, whatever the complete opposite of “mutually exclusive” happens to be."

2. Black Men Give Each Other “Guy” Props, Praise, and Points For Sleeping With As Many Women Possible

"The guys in the crew who perpetually sleep around get treated the same way your grandmother treated your 45 year old uncle’s new 18 year old stripper girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, you can eat with us, but you’re going to have to sit at the kiddie table and eat with a spork and a paper plate.
We do give each other praise for one thing though: The ability to consistently find and keep attractive and quality women. Trust me, one five year relationship with one Kerry Washington will get you many more intra-guy points than 120 five-to-fifteen minute relationships with 120 Montana Fishburnes."
3. Black Men Are Commitment-Phobic (Especially “Educated” Black Men)

"It’s a bit ironic that we (black men) are often accused of being scared of commitment, when we’re the same group of people where many of us have had the same barber since O.J. was still doing Hertz commercials.
(Generally speaking) We’re not scared of commitment, or at least no more scared than any other demographic. In fact, most black men welcome commitment and anxiously look forward to it. We’re just scared of committing to the wrong person. Big difference.
The only thing worse than being stuck with a terrible shape-up for two weeks is being trapped in a terrible relationship for two years (and that’s debatable)."

I think if we, as black women, are honest with themselves. Those stereotypes are out there because there are men like that out there. Thats how any stereotype is conceived. But not ALL men are like that. I really relate to the part about being committed to the wrong person. I wouldnt want to commit to someone only to realize it was a mistake either =/

Again you can find the full article here.

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