Sex, Lies, and Videotapess

Chris Brown recently posted a video on his twitter reminiscing about he and Rihanna's past relationship

I guess this guy is living in the past..I'm not gonna comment on whether or not C. Breezy should even be reminiscing on his relationship after what he did...I mean this could just be a pub. stunt to help him sell more records, but the video is sweet...a lil soft, but sweet nonetheless.

Its funny how relationships work sometimes.

Something that could start out so grand can quickly turn so sour. I mean, relationships are complicated. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days where you were in elementary school (and yess I say elementary, because people were getting it in during middle school lol smh!), and a note asking "Do you like me" with the box checked yes would suffice for a relationship. Every year that I get older, things get more and more complicated. And just because I'm contemplating the issues surrounding relationships doesn't necessarily mean I want to be in one. Im just curious about the dynamic of relationship and what makes it work, and what doesnt work. Especially in college...things like stress from school, partying, sex, infidelity, a new found freedom, drugs, alcohol, more sex, and the fact the more females go to college than males, and o yea sex...all contribute to complications in relationships and a lot of infidelity lol.

The reason why I say sex so much, is because, welp...its true lol. I mean, in college, finding a virgin is probably going to be a difficult task. I mean you may have came in as a virgin, or even as just being celibate, but it doesnt mean you are leave as one. haha.

I mean I can see both viewpoints, on one hand THIS IS COLLEGE, you will never have an experience like this is your life! If there was ever a time to wild out, experience new things, and do whatever the hell you feel like doing, this would be it...but on the other hand...college is a learning experience, and what you experience should teach you how to be a better adult and that includes learning responsibility, especially where sex is concerned lol. Its funny how virgins are almost looked down upon in college, kinda like how a rich Republican man may look at a bum on the streets of a big city. They just look at the bum and SMH. haha I was reading my relationship blog NakedWithSocksOn, and the author of the blog talks about how he wouldnt even want a virgin

"While the idea of a bride in a flowing white dress and saving yourself for marriage sounds nice for a fairytale wedding, in today’s oversexed society it’s just not a realistic dream—for me at least. In fact, that would actually be a nightmare. The reason I say that is because I’ve literally spent half my life perfecting my stroke and poke, so when and if I jump the broom I want it to be with a woman that can satisfy me—now not later. ....Honestly, the whole idea of virginity being a sign of purity is one big crock. Sex doesn’t change a person’s personality"

lol sheesh..kinda harsh but like I said I can understand both points of view...anyways I kinda wrote almost too much on this subject. lol Just thought it was interessante ...check out my beezzy Nnenna's view on subject NnennAboo


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