okkkk Rocsi


Now, Ill be the 1st to admit....I'm not a huge fan of Rocsi...I pretty much look at her with indifference....but shes looking pretty fly in these pictures from Honey mag.


However, her comments about being "thick" are a bit disturbing
"As women you have those fat days, but in my mind, those days are a little too frequent,” Rocsi says. “To this day, when somebody calls me thick, that’s not a compliment to me. Don’t call me thick. I hate that. I think thick is fat. I used to think that if I had curves or stomach flab that meant I was fat. I used to go over 110 lbs, I would think ‘I’m fat.’ If I see on a scale 118 [lbs.], I would start starving myself to get myself down to what I need to be at."


First of all...whooo the heck is calling Rocsi thick?! The girl is a skinny stick! I guess it goes back to her anorexic days..SMH anyways I just thought this was actually a good look for the girl

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