Stormy days


As If I needed another reminder that Summer is over...There just had to be a rainstorm today! Wind and rain is crazy!! Ill admit it...im a tad bit frightened! =O Since the rain enabled me to come home early today and experience a little bit of boredom, I have pulled together a TOP TEN THINGS TO DO ON A STORMY DAY list

10. Do some homework and study....that is if you really have nothing else better to do, stormy days take away all the distractions that sunny days can entice you with like going to get ice cream or just chillin with friends outdoors
9. Make some kind hot drink..hot cocoa, apple cider, a cappachino...anything that will make you feel warm inside =]
8. Start/learn something new or find a new hobby...a blog...learn how to play poker or chess... or grab your roomies and play games like hide and go seek (in the house of course), dominoes, card games, mafia, monopoly, rockband, wii...etc etc....Im sure contests will arise
7. Have a marathon of some sort....a horror movie marathon, your favorite tv series, tv shows you need to catch up on...one thing rain does is keep everyone in inside and makes them feel lethargic. So sit back, grab a blanket and turn on the tube.
6. Sleep, sleep, sleep...I hate taking naps, but sometimes, when there is nothing else to do, the best thing you can do is catch up on sleep. And if you dont have school or work...sleep in..have breafast in bed...relaxxxxx lol
5. Make some baked goods...cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc...all taste bomb warm and give you a nice little sugar high =]
4. Read a book, read a book, read a mothaeffin book! I actually love to read but can never find the time. Stormy days are the perfect time to sit back and relax in a heated room and read that book that you have been putting off all those months....maybe years lol
3. Have a lowkey kickback....stormy days in the house alone can be boring...invite some friends over, and enjoy being cooped up in the house together...a lot of interesting things can go down when boredom strikes ;]
2. Take a shopping day...since fall is now upon us and winter its on its way, its time to throw out those tanks, booty shorts, and flats for thermals, some cute jeans, and some uggs!
1. Find a cuddle buddy, snuggle up and keep each other warm...and if you want to turn the moment into moviestar magic...light up a fireplace and turn on some slow jamz...No better time than this to connect with a significant other. ;]


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