dating in the dark


So, Dating in the Dark is one of the many dating reality shows on television, but this one is a lil different. At first you meet people in a little mixer, but you meet them in complete darkness and you get to peer into a little bit of their lives ( that part kinda like room raiders..sometimes its their houses they get to invade, sometimes their cars, etc etc). There are 3 guys and 3 girls and in addition to choosing a date, you also get a date with the person you are said to be the most compatible with, and you finally get one more date with the person of your choice...for a total of 3 dates. And before you finally get to see your "dream guy/girl" that you have chosen based on the "connection" you feel with the person, you describe to a professional artist how you imagine your girl/guy to look like. And then comes the moment of truth.....you are shown to you guy/girl while he/she is in the dark and then vice versa. And then from there you decide whether or not you want to meet up with that person in the end...

WHEW! yes, i know lonnggg explanation, but I just want to set the scene before I explain why this show brings my brother and I comic relief every Monday night. This show is supposed to show people that not everyone in this world is superficial, that it is actually possible to like someone's personality so much, that you can bypass their looks. However, from what I have seen, the show does almost the exact opposite. lmao! There was this one girl that didnt really like her guy and then she seem him and was like "Oh, Maybe we had a greater connection than we thought!".....LMAO can you spell shallow?! haha not to mention that all of the black girls on this show have been left high and dry lol..But I have to say, I can't really blame the people. There are just some people that have really cool personalities but you simply arent attracted to them, I dont know if that makes me a shallow person or not or if its just the "ugly truth". My brother and I get a kick out of the faces people make when what they see in front of them is definitely NOT what they expected or when they dont show up at all =/ They are so "confused" when the really like someone but find out that the person doesnt have their ideal body type or they use that old line "thats just not the kind of person I see myself with" ...and SMH at the people who reach out to someone who is not their ideal type just to find themselves alone at the end! lol but it always makes good tv when both people have a connection and both people find each other attractive...ahhh l'amouurrrrr!! <3
Welp, all I can say is looks aren't everything,Photobucket this show can expose those gorgeous people who dont have gorgeous personalities and those not so gorgeous people who have hearts of gold...anyways on this show things can get pretty interesting..lol check it out

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