good and bad hairr

The debate between what is "good hair" and what is "bad hair" is about to hit the big screen. I, personally, dont believe the hype. I don't think that good hair necessarily equals long,straight and flowing....although my opinion may be contradicted by the 18in weave on my head..haha. But, i digress, for me, black hair is beautiful, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. AS long as your hair is thick and healthy...maybe a lil length if possible, that hair is good to me! Anyways, Chris Rock is making a documentary on this age old debate...im sure it will be hilarious! My mom felt the need to show me this trailer when it came on television...shes trying sway me in the opposite direction from weaves lol. I think i had pretty good hair as a kid tho hahaha =D
But I mean, i think if you ask the typical black man what kind of hair they like on a girl, they will not say natural...most guys just say they want a girl to have long straight hair...even better if the girl just naturally has long hair...sigh...the world we live in...lmao anyways..here is the trailer for the movie

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