is one of my 1st loves..after food of course haha. I have too much goin on to be really dedicated to it tho. I just found out that Teen Vogue
is looking for interns..but there is a catch...you have to be in college and have THREE or more full days available to work ..which is basically impossible since I have track practice everyday (more info here.) lmao but hey a girl can dream....dream to go to events like this one

lol Anywaysss,

One of my fave designers, Betsey Johnson, put up some old skool videos of fashion shows from the 80s..(fast forward to the 2 minute mark to get to the fashion show part)

1985 Fall Collection from BJ on Vimeo.

Fall '85

man o man...if only I could make fashion a living..too bad I dont have the time...or the motivation to actually learn to make articles of clothing..guess I'll just continue with my shopaholic habits in the meantime =]


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