Women are scientifically proved to be golddiggers??????


I recently came across this article which was titled Wealthy men give women more orgasms. Now at first I'm thinking...is this some kind of a joke? I look above the title and see that it says this is "science news". Im laughing, but I continue to read on..the very first line says "Scientists have found that the pleasure women get from making love is directly linked to the size of their partner’s bank balance." LMAO SMFH...what is this nonsense?! The author goes on to say "The study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers." .....mhmmm you got that right!! I mean c'mon...how can you say that the richer a man is, the more pleasure a women will get. I can bet there are plenty of trophy wives not getting that much pleasure at alll haha. Anyways, if you would like to hear more about how men have degraded women down to a whole nother level by claiming that women are gold-diggers and calling it science...click the link.


Throwback of the dayy...appropriately---> Gold digger- Kanye West and J.Foxx

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