Digital Thugs


I got this term from one of my fave blogs NAKEDWITHSOCKSON. Digital thugs are "guys who continually text a female they’re interested in and talk the talk (actually, type the talk) but can’t express the same emotions face-to-face or only keep in touch via digital modes of communication and are persistent flakers.

So basically these are people that utilize texting, facebook, twitter, or any means of technological communication to the fullest but becomes a completely different person in real life. And this just doesn't stop at dating. People can be super fake on facebook...leaving comments like "Hey girl! We should really hang out sometime"...but when you see them in person, they turn the other way. It really amuses me when people use "!" after every sentence and always update their status and leave people comments giving you the impression that this person is a real energetic person, come to find out that the person is actually not very energetic at all. Anyways, just thought I'd post this lil rant..I know everyone has come across one of these "thugs" before...heck you may even think I am one, i've been known to utilize smiley faces and LOL's to the fullest...but only because im always laughin! =] lol


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