Condoms with teeth? OUCH

Its not what you think. This is not designed to be used to fufill some sick fantasy. It was designed to fight rape in South Africa. "Rape-axe", the name given to the condom, is currently being distributed in various cities in South Africa, where World Cup soccer games are taking place. Its basically a female condom, and once its lodged on a man, only a doctor can take it off. It hurts, and the guy cant pee when its on, ANDD if he tries to take it off, it will clasp even tighter!! The creator of this condom hopes to sell em for $2 a pop. not bad.  
On one hand this product is horrible for unplanned endeavors but on the other hand, South Africa is said to have one of the highest rape rates in the world. I guess this is just something that might deter those ODB's and make them think twice. 

Some critics argue that this is not helpful at all. 

"the device constantly reminds women of their vulnerability...It not only presents the victim with a false sense of security, but psychological trauma,"

I kind of disagree. I think it's better than doing nothing. If you know being raped is something you may have to be concerned about, taking some precautions cant hurt. Although it may very well remind young women that they are vulnerable, that doesnt necessarily mean that the reminder may be detrimental. The solution to rape really should start with the mentality of the men, however, I think that whatever women can do to protect themselves, they should do.  

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