movies =]

Something that I always do when I come home is watch a wide array of different movies.

Last night I watched some movie called Rachel Getting Married. I saw that it had Ann Hathaway in it, so I assumed it was one of the usual movies..all happy and comedic surrounding a wedding...but it turned out to be much more than it. I don't want to give away the movie or anything so I wont discuss any of the details, but it's definitely an interesting movie.

Another movie that I have RE-watched recently is Bridget Jones's Diary. This is actually one of my favorite movies. I just really like the story line, I think its really cute. I mean, it's definitely can be classified as a "chick flick" but I dont know, it's one of those quirky love stories where you really feel for the main character, but has a happy ending! lol luuvvvv it!

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