I'd rather be single than...

I just read this funny post about a guy who decided to prove to himself that he wasnt avoiding love, but waiting for the right person by writing down a list of reasons why he would rather be single. It's funny because you usually get posts about people listing all the cons of being single...you know. The lonely nights, being the third wheel, having all couple friends..etc etc. Anyways..here is the list that he posted.

 **I’d rather be single than be with a woman who’s only interested in what I can do for her, instead of what we can do for each other. <-- I agree. Its all about give and take

**I’d rather be single than settle down with a woman who I’m not sure I could be faithful to. <-- I'm sure although some women will snicker, this is a very valid point.
**I’d rather be single than embrace a relationship that has absolutely no chance of developing into something serious. <-- II cant agree completely with this one. I'm still a young girl, enough said.
**I’d rather be single than fall for someone who causes me to pick up bad habits. <-- haha very true, its funny how the more you hang out with someone, they more you start to act like they do, and vice versa.
**I’d rather be single than get deep with someone who lacks qualities like drive, ambition and compassion. <-- three very admirable traits!
**I’d rather be single than spend time with someone who carries a different life perspective on things like religion, marriage and family. <-- hmm...there are some concrete things that you just cant compromise on (like whether on not you want children)..but i believe that sometimes you can meet someone halfway (like I want 5 kids , well i want 3...Ok lets have 4 haha)
**But most importantly, I’d rather be single than get married to someone who makes me drive a minivan … even if she does make it look cool like the “swagger wagon” in the video below. It’s just not happening. <--  now this is just silly =] but i somewhat agree, i dont know if I am trying to drive a minivan either.
You can find the original article HERE

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