"smiley faces after all of her phrases"


"..either she the one, or Im caught in the Matrix"
" shawty just text me, say she wanna sex me LOL smiley face.."

Just a couple a songs that deal with the art and etiquette of text messaging...in specific..text messaging between the opposite sex. Its funny because just the other day me and my girls were talking about texting etiquette. We all do it. Girls and boys alike. If you are with your friends and a girl or a boy texts you..the following questions/statement may ensue...
  • Do I wait to respond and if so, how long?
  • Should I add an 'lol' or an 'lmao'
  • Would a ' ;] ' face be too much?
  • Hmm, even tho we are having a convo..this statement/question doesnt require a response.
  • Should I even bother replying to this person?
  • Are exclamation points necessary?
  • Well, what should I reply back?
  • I'll text this person later
  • Would it be weird if I called back instead?
  • Ugh the person is not texting back. Did he/she get my text? Should I text again.
  • Should I text him/her first?
  • Why do I always have to text him/her first?

Obviously since I am female, these examples have a female bias to them. But although boys and girls probably have similar dilemmas when it comes to texting...I have always wondered what goes through guys minds when they receive a text from a girl, whether they like them, dont like them, or see them as just a friend. There are times when I have gotten texts...or not gotten texts..and thought to myself "What in the heck is that guy thinking?!" 

AT&T has reported that 67% of texters use messaging to flirt. 68% have sent a love note via text.
They also report that:  82% of texters would respond immediately or as quick as possible to a text message from a romantic interest and 40 % of texters who are in a relationship or dating consider text messaging to play a significant role in their relationship  hmmm interesting....

Anyways just stating one of the things that, at least me and my friends, ponder in life. Actually, it would be nice to receive a phone call once in awhile. =]

What do you guys think about texting etiquette? Is it different for guys and girls?

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