Delivery is key

Delivery is the basically the key to everything in life. When you give a speech at school or at work, the way you are dressed, the way your speech is structured, the tone of your voice, the speed of your speech,... all determine how receptive your audience will be. When you are going to a job interview, what you are wearing, the way your answer questions, the amount of confidence you have, even the way you give your handshake, can determine whether or not you are going to get that job. If you are a comedian, the way you structure the joke, your hand motions, gestures, the way you make your voice sound..all determine whether or not you will get laughs. When a guy approaches a girl  (or vice versa, as the case may be), his word choice,  who hes with when he approaches her, his hand gestures,  his actions before and after, body language and his confidence persistence all will determine whether or not he is gonna get any play. Despite what anyone's intentions are, whether you really have something important to say, or if you really, sincerely like a person and you are trying to get their attention, or if you are really good at something and want to make your talents known....
no one is going to take you seriously unless you engage in proper delivery.

Don't make the mistake of selflessly putting your energy into something in order to get it accomplished, without seeing any result...because sometimes in life it doesnt matter how hard you try, but what the end result turns out to be.
Almost doesn't count.

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