So I've actually seen a lot of movies lately but lets start out with two.

That's the first movie. Its about a couple who finds out they are pregnant. The parents are moving away from the couple so they go on this quest to find the perfect place to raise their new family. I really liked the movie. I thought it was sweet, not to mention hilarious. I dont know, sometimes dry humor is the best kind, the kind that comes outta nowhere. Its one of those movies that has comedy but also implements a tone of seriousness to it. 

the second movie
The Family Man

This is one of those Scrooge type of Christmas movies where it's Christmas time and the main character is all alone and someone comes and shows him an alternate life. His little "wake up call" does not necessarily come about because he is a mean person but he because he is this playboy, who is always consumed with work and has no real substance in his life. I know, it is tempting to have that "F*ck b*tches, get money" mentality...but for how long?  Anyways  I thought this movie was cool. I felt for the main guy, and could identify with him..and Don Cheadle's random appearances were funny. 

SMH I need to see a recent movie...like SUMMER 2010! 

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